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Annissh's Fashion Dream with Ana Sofia Martins ♥

Hello lovers,
SUR-PRI-SE yeah yeah yeah I had the opportunity to interview Ana Sofia Martins!!! She's a Portuguese model and she's GORGEOUS!! Ana has appeared  in Teen Vogue editorials, and advertorials, Pink by Victorias Secret catalog, Marie Claire, etc.
She agreed answer some questions…

Annissh: Fashion came out of nowhere in your life, would you ever be able to change the catwalk for another profession?
Ana Sofia Martins:  I would defenitly be able to change professions,I'm very versatile and in that sense I can adapt myself to anything ,which is something that I learned from the fashion industry.In the future I would like to be involved in International Relations.

A:You have been successful in the international fashion market, what were the best things NYC had to offer you?
A.M.: NYC offered me the WORLD! It gave me access to a World I had no idea existed,it gave me freedom to express myself as an individual, and it gave me strength to face anything that comes my way ,with a fierce smile on my face!

A.: How is your day in the city "where dreams are made of"?
A.M.: I try to start with meditation,since I'm a Buddhist of Nichiren Daishonin, then I have breakfast, go to the gym, do my castings or if I have a job I do that, I go to the agency so they can "check" on me (which I hate,lol) ,I spend time with my friends, I read, go out on the weekends, its a city where you always have something to do ,if you don't...it probably means your dead! LOL

A.: What is the biggest difference between Lisbon and NYC?
A.M.: In the fashion Industry for me is that in NYC i do more commercial work and here I do more shows, its funny to be able to do both,as a city NYC has much more life for the obvious reasons and its more multi-cultural ,but the food in Lisbon beats any food in the World,and I mean it! =D 

A.: Your closet can't live without...
A.M.: Vintage clothes,hair bands, confortable shoes, and blazers.

A.: Karl Lagerfeld or Lavin?
A.M.: As much as I love Lanvin, I prefer Karl Lagerfeld at the moment.

A.:I love seeing you in Lisbon Fashion Week, which was the feeling of stepping the catwalk in Portugal?
A.M.: Stepping on the catwalk in Lisbon always feels great, and this time it wasn't different. I get to see some friends, to see how the fashion industry is in my country and it's always a rewarding feeling.

A.:If you had to share a secret with a fashion designer, who would you pick?
A.M.: I would pick Nuno Baltazar,he knows why! lol

A.:Your heart lives in...
A.M.: My heart lives wherever I feel loved!

I want to thank Ana for the interview =)

And now I want to know your opinion about the interview!!

With love,

Photo by Artur Cabral

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  1. LINDA! é ela. e gostei da entrevista! :)

    um bj
    fashion market´s love blogger

  2. ela é o meu idolo! adoro-a é uma inspiração para mim! amei este post parabéns às duas :D

  3. ADORO-A :)
    Via à tempos uma reportagem dela na Tvi e amei :)

  4. Eu nao a conhecia, ela e LINISSIMA, e parece ser uma personalidade interessante! entrevista gira!!!