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I'm Saga Sig...

Hey lovers :)
How was your Christmas? I hope your Christmas was magical, just like mine was!!
Saga Sig is a fashion photographer and I love her blog THE NEVERENDING STORY
She has 24 and  lives in London (o.m.g. L.O.N.D.O.N.), you can know her a little bit more...

Annissh: How photography appeared in your life?

Saga: I was 8 and my father was always taking photos, I wanted to barrow my
fathers camera all the time but then my parents decided to give me a
small camera, so i haven't  stopped taking photos since. When I was 18
I was studying math in college but I was also a part of the school
paper as a photographic editor, I loved it so much that I decided that
I wanted to do it forever, so here I am. Now photography is my life, I
am always working or thinking about my next shoot.

A.: What are your inspirations?

S.: The amazing people around me. From my younger brothers to my
grandmother all my family members are somehow involved in creating.
Its in my nature. I love art, I used to study art history so thats my
main inspiration, amongst other inspirations are nature, books,

A.: Why you created a blog?
S.: I created my blog when I moved to London, it was supposed to be for
family and friends, some kind of diary for them to see what I was up
too, soon other people started following me and now I've got so
amazing readers. Now I post my own photography projects and some
things that inspire me.
My blog has been very important in my career and I have been booked
for jobs because of my blog.

A.: Do you spend a lot of time searching for new blogs?
S.: Yes I do in fact. For me its important to know what is going on. I've
discovered a lot of artists and things that inspire me through blogs.

A.: Describe your “fashion world”
S.: My fashion world would be my fashion photography and I also love to
dress up. Its a big part of my life I would say.

What did you think about her? 
I want to thank my dear Saga for the mini interview, thank you so much :) 


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