sexta-feira, 6 de abril de 2012

Mirage Magazine nº3

Mirage reflects and is drawn to social doctrines and design principles defining a liberated state of mind. The outlook of a Libertine. The sensibility of a Modernist.

Mirage is a timeless fashion scrapbook informed by the worlds of jetset hedonism, old school attitude and a certain adolescent nervousness. Founded Independently by Purienne & Rocholl in 2010, it features a handpicked selection of young talent collectively creating a new wave of bohemian futurism.

I'm definitely in love with this magazine and many others that I have to share with you guys!

In the last days, I've been listening every single minute this young lady, Azealia Banks. I'm so addicted to her music. LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN! Azealia Banks - 212

Happy Easter to all my followers!

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