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Princess Vashtie Kola's Downtown Style

You wear a lot of hats in the fashion, film, and music industry from director to designer. Are there any new creative ventures on your plate?
"Not really anything new in terms of something outside of what it is I already do. I just plan on taking everything I already do to the next level. I'm still doing music videos, but instead of just coming in as Director I'm also Creative Consulting and Branding. Later this month, I'll be directing a video for Big K.R.I.T., who I'm very excited to work with." 

Can you give us a little overview of what you're working on at the moment? 
"I'm fresh back from a trip to Trinidad where I worked on some special projects with legendary photographer Jonathan Mannion.
Q-TIP and I are planning our new party in the city. Violette [Vashtie's clothing line] is in production for a couple of summer T-shirts with the re-launch of the website coming soon. I'm directing my first film at the end of the year/early next. I'm a brand Ambassador for Heineken. I started a new Tumblr which will be dedicated to vintage pieces that will be for sale on VioletteNewYork.com." 

What's the one accessory you need to complete any outfit?
"A statement ring. I usually always wear my big amethyst ring with everything from a Phillip Lim dress to a vintage pair of basketball shorts and a T-shirt. It's a nice touch to any look. It's simple." 

You threw some seriously rad '90s parties at Santos Party House. What are some of your favorite fashion trends from that decade? How about favorite songs and TV shows from the '90s? "Thank you! Yes, I have a such a love/hate relationship with that decade which I believe makes it a true love. My favorite trends from that era are: Polka-dots, Jordans, biker shorts, motorcycle jackets, rugbys, baggy clothes on girls, neon, flip hats, worker shirts with name-tags, Riot Grrl, army boots, denim cut-offs, chokers, stripes, grunge & gangster!"

What are some of your favorite spots in your East Village neighborhood? Where do you go to have a casual drink? To dance all night?
"I love to get a soy cappuccino from my favorite cafe Tarallucci E Vino. It's Italian owned and the coffee is on point. Also, there are delectable pastries made daily by a French chef. I love Quintessence Raw Food for their American style burger, Angelica Kitchen for their Wrapsody wrap, Sapporo East for their delicious sushi, and Franks for their home-made pasta. For a casual drink it's Esperanto, their Mojitos and Caipirinhas are delicious."

You've worked with so many artists in the music and fashion industry. Who's your next dream collaboration? 
"In music, I would absolutely love to work with Bjork. I've been a fan of hers since I was little. I also would love to work with Robyn, The Weeknd, Kanye West, Frank Ocean... too many to name really. In fashion, I'd love to collaborate with Supreme, Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, Rachel Roy, Pierre Hardy, Mark Fast, Jeffrey Campbell, Doc Martens, or Toms Shoes. Those are some of the brands (designers) that I really love and trust." 

A couple of your nicknames are Luxury Handbag Queen and Vintage Don. What are some of your favorite luxury handbag and vintage purchases that got you those monikers?
"Out of my collection of handbags, I would say my favorite and most notable are my large classic Chanel Caviar leather bag with a gold chain. I wear it with beat-up denim cut-offs and a T-shirt just to balance it out. "Another favorite is my small vintage purple Chanel bag. It's perfect for everyday use and can spice up a boring outfit. And since it's vintage, I don't feel that bad wearing it all the time and letting it get beat up. 

Some of my favorite vintage finds would be a wool varsity jacket from Eleven on Prince that I stumbled upon in 2002. It was black with orange trim and read "TIGERS" on the back. I got a lot of compliments from it. I also have an interesting collection of vintage band shirts that I wear on the regular; The Cure, Depeche Mode, Wu-Tang, and more. I also collect vintage denim jeans. One of my favorite pair of jeans I found in a dumpster!"

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