terça-feira, 17 de abril de 2012

When Hong Kong is a Woman

Hi dreamers... 

I had found this video some time ago and today I decided to share with you. 
Louis Vuitton is one of my favorite brands. Don’t ask me why ... 
  HONG KONG is another world, a world to discover and ... maybe one day I'll find out. 
This video gave me so much desire to know this reality SO FAR AWAY!

Last day…
younger than Shanghai
the Lady,
this city breathes a woman’s sophistication.
When Hong Kong is a woman.
She stands in emancipation.
Fans her lashes, highlights her lines, clasping her silver handbag under a coat of grey.
…dismantles an entire truth.
Hong Kong, a woman of contrast, the districts flash with a compressed rythym
the pathways unravel time’s passing.
A glowing fuse 
the ladies are reveries
for wanderlust.
Her contenders trail into her heart.
The sun sets.
Approaching night’s fall, and she undoes her hair, allowing a pause along the journey.
Hong Kong whispers a quiet melancholy, echoing a delicate magneticism.
She plays the mirage of a seductive glance.
From her vertical frames, she mesmerizes guests through a gateway to her Motherland.
The voyager vanishes embraced by the labyrinth.
Until dawn break she is a charmer, a keeper, a romantic in hiding.
Miss Hong Kong holds 
my eternal fascination...
by Giuliano Bolivar

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