sábado, 12 de maio de 2012

Hey Lisa

Black-and-white photography, also called monochrome, is the culmination of several other discoveries and inventions. The resulting image is limited to monochromatic hues, although filters may be applied to give a hue or tint. Different photographic processes and toners may also give a different hue to a black-and-white photograph; for example, selenium-based toners give a reddish-brown hue, while sepia toners give an oxidized, brown hue. These chemicals combine with the colloidal silver in the exposed photograph differently, creating different chemical reactions and producing different results.

Photographer: Marcela Ferreira; Styling: Ivan Cavalcante, Model: Marina Cunha

3 comentários:

  1. wow! Such amazing photographs! In B&W light really is crucial and your's is perfect!


  2. Black and white never fails to mesmerize the eyes.