quarta-feira, 30 de maio de 2012

I think it's funny how one day to another so many news appear but doesn't have to be necessarily bad. Usually the news is always good in this space and when they're not I just keep for myself. I am very pleased with the work that I've been doing. As you know I really enjoy writing and have had the opportunity to collaborating with some magazines (more international than national but wtv) and this week you will probably see my last collaboration that gave me so much pleasure. I can't tell you more so STAY TUNED!

#Fashion News: 
GIORGIO GOES TWEET: Giorgio Armani wan to break new ground in digital communication with the launch o
Giorgio Armani wants to break new ground in digital communication with the launch of #ArmaniTweetTalk. The project consists of live discussions on relevant fashion topics, which will be broadcast on Twitter and will involve leading figures from the industry. The first discussion will involve Vogue China’s editor in chief Angelica Cheung, Yoox’s founder and chief executive officer Federico Marchetti and blogger Susanna Lau, among others, and will focus on the rapid rise of China as one the most influential fashion markets.

Bisou à tous,

Photographer: Michel Hauptman

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