segunda-feira, 11 de junho de 2012

#Transitioning Movement

I think many people, especially from other cultures, just don't understand the role hair plays in Black women's lives. I can now transform the energy surrounding my hair into something way more productive. Now that [my hair is] growing back, I'm kind of in that in-between stage. Previously, I would have said, "I'm straightening it again; it's just becoming too much work." But I think the key is to find styles that give me flexibility.
- Solange Knowles - 

I think many people are coming into it thinking it's going to be easy and it's going to be healthier. Just because you're natural doesn't mean you'll be able to wash, shake and go. It's a lot of work. If it's something you truly feel strongly about and it's going to represent you in lifestyle, hair care and health, then it's a worthwhile journey to take. I stand for people who are firm in their journey.

It's not the first time Solange appears here, this time I'll talk about a new movement.
I don't know if you have repaired but after her new look - GIVE ME FRO - Solange has appeared even more increasingly in the red carpet (and never fails) but now I'll talk about serious things ... after all this media attention around her hair was created a movement in the United States.
BE NATURAL (this slogan was adopted by me), put all the extensions beyond and everything which can damage the scalp of all those who once looked at "fro" and wanted to hide it.

Begins here a process of love with your own hair as you can see in this video from The New York Times - Transition

Have been decades and decades trying to put the "fro" aside. 
Using straight hair always showed a way of  integration into society without values​​. We can continue using our natural hair and be gorgeous at the same time. 
She's an endless source of inspiration for all of us... and even not wanting she ends up being the ambassador of this movement (which I myself am part). 


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  1. love your first photo <3<3

  2. beautiful photos! xx

  3. Your blog is amazing, such an inspiration. Hope you pass by and follow me or we can follow each other.

    xo, Vanessa

  4. Wow!! very nice..really like your blog..:)

  5. lebro-me quando ela rapou o cabelo... achei que ficava magnífica e desde então a solange é a irmã que mais curiosidade me suscita. eu adoro afros (quanto mais volumosos melhor) mas reconheço que o 'natural' por vezes dá muito trabalho. por exemplo, para usar o meu cabelo solto - tipo afro - da maneira que eu gosto, tenho mesmo muito trabalho e é por isso que não o uso tantas vezes quanto gostaria :)


    1. Confesso que adoro esta fase da Solange. Quanto aos afros.. acho-os lindos. Dão trabalho é certo, mas é mais um pequeno "sacrifício" para ficarmos lindas :p
      Gostava que partilhasses o teu frô :)

      Bisou Maria