quinta-feira, 12 de julho de 2012

Black and white imagery can convey a sense of color, and can give life to a moment captured in any situation. What do you take into account when deciding to shoot in monochrome or colour?
A lot of times I'll try photos in black and white and color, even color film photos. It's all just trial and error for me. With color you have this almost infinite variety of combinations and saturations that you can deal with, and with black and white you're a lot more limited. I usually like black and white for "simpler" photos, because I feel like it can draw the focus to one element of the photo better than color. So for instance if the model has a particularly expressive expression on her face, I might make that black and white just to draw attention to it. Whereas if the clothes, the model and the setting are all working together I might be more likely to leave that in color.
I used to be a little afraid of color, honestly, just because I didn't know how to deal with it very well. Lately I've become more confident and I've started using color more and more.

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