segunda-feira, 2 de julho de 2012

When Fashion is no longer fashionable

In certain time in life you stop because fashion shines in your eyes, like glow-worn. Sometimes it is sooner other times it is later but no matter when it comes, it comes to stay forever. But what is fashion? Fashion is like a current of styles and trends. It is the way people can show through clothes and accessories their own personality to the world. Some days the way you see someone, you already can describe their personality just with your eyes and maybe you can read their souls too. 
Some of you can remember your glorious childhood when you wore your mother clothes with red lipstick on your lips and wore pink high heels. Others only started to love the fashion world in your teens. Reading fashion magazines with your colleges in the range of school, creating devotion for art and fashion and when you did the click on the bottom you just felt that you’re thoroughly in love with fashion. 

The same skirt you wore when you were five still in your mother wardrobe, now that your nineteen you are running to her bedroom just to see if it remains the same. The nostalgic of your child intersects with your eternal trend, fashion. If you pay attention, your old/new skirt is now a vintage piece. Once again talking about trends and how they survive and live with us from decade to decade. Vintage pieces are a great example that fashion never dies. What is IN today, tomorrow maybe be OUT and everyone knows that if the trend left tomorrow, shortly it will be back. Nineteen years old, wearing your mother’s skirt and thinking and how beautiful you can be if you had the perfect, unequaled, handbag of your dreams. Yes, I know exactly what you are thinking about. My dear Chanel 2.55, the eternal fashion trend. You can use it right now our just waiting to use it thirteen years from now. Trend is always trend but sometimes some of them are too out of the box to be just a trend. We have the case of Chanel, Burberry with the amazing trench coat, Louboutin’s high heels and in the other case, we have some brands that even don’t have no one particular piece, they transform the brand in trend, like Marchesa, Yves Saint Laurent, Versace and the new young eternal blood like Alexander McQueen.  

If you are not the person who runs into your mother’s closet to play with her clothes when you were child, I beat you have in side you, a lot of fashion magazines and you are trying to enter  in a world that you want to demystify. Through fashion magazines you can explore the new old trends. It is just like a snowball. You started with actual magazines and when you look at it, you are searching for more information in the gold fashion book of the decade, staring to go to fashion weeks and finally breathe art. Because at this time you already know that fashion is like a way to explore art. So the question, "what is fashion and what is not?" it is never pronounce and if someone questions you about this sentence, you already know the answer - What is fashion for me could be trash for you, but what I have inside my mind I can transform into clothes that I wear every single day. Fashion comes from inside to out. You can make your own fashion and became eternal. In few years you will remember what you wore today and you will realize that you have the same passion for fashion and for the trends of ten years ago. That trends made you, made what you are today. You will never kill fashion until fashion kills you… we can die with fashoverdose (fashion overdose in our dictionary).

Photographer: Ward Ivan Rafik

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  1. gostei imenso! gosto imagens que relatem histórias ou argumentos ;) cativam

  2. Adorei o texto! Eu sou, sem dúvida, aquela pessoa que adora ir ao baú da mãe e da avó! Não consigo evitar ;)

    1. Também faço o mesmo, só me falta ganhar coragem e assaltar o closet da minha avó :p

  3. Love the way you express yourself!

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