domingo, 23 de setembro de 2012

“I’m always looking for the perfect light and I love contemplating how light can make things much more beautiful.” tells us Igor Termenón, a Spanish but Edinburgh based photographer, who we admire for his rebellious, natural and cool style. So we asked him about his passion, wether he is a perfectionist and what he still dreams about…

Your mind works like a analogue tape or your eyes are digital?
I think they’re analogue right now. When I started taking photos I used a digital camera but right now I mainly use film cameras, so for me it’s much easier to create an idea in my mind of how the photo is going to look like in an analogue format. 

Photos by Igor Termenon 

This is my last interview with Igor Termenon for C-Heads Magazine soooo check the  interview right H E R E 

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  1. Já tinha lido na C-Heads e adorei, excelente entrevista! xx

  2. Adorei as fotos dele, não conhecia o trabalho mas depois de ver este post e pesquisar um pouco fiquei fã.

    1. Yeahhh, sinto-me responsável por te ter apresentado o Igor haha

  3. Wow! Não conhecia e fiquei fã! - Giveaway