domingo, 9 de dezembro de 2012


  1. Why fashion and what do you think you can do to change this industry for better? 
    Hmm I never considered myself a girl who would ever work in the field of fashion. my first love was dance. I studied dance for almost 8 years . If I could change the industry for the better I would try to help people understand that we are the reason why fashion exist, we revolutionize fashion ,we should stop giving “fashion” all the credit when we are the reason it exists. 

  1. How did you get started as a stylist and what does a styling job consist?  
    I've been trying to pursue a career in styling due to my brother being a photographer and me being a total control freak... I wanted to make sure my brother was working with nothing but the best and making the models look amazing. I pull from show rooms and even sometimes(most of the time) purchase things on my credit card if I feel I absolutely need it .

  1. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere…
I honestly believe that is true, NYC is not the place for people with soft skin , growing up in Brooklyn NYC there aren't many expectations coming from a neighborhood where you cant be inspired to see and try new things. I went to military from 6 grade to 8th grade and it was very hard for me to express who I was until I attended my high school for performing arts. I've worked with so many different personalities and different environmental that being a stylist and working with what people need was a huge advantage.

  1. With who you’d love to work and which stylist influence your work? 
June Ambrose is everything ! I would love to work for Kanye or Rihanna one day . 
There bold attitude and confidence is everything i represent in myself and in my styling.

  1. If you had not gone with your dream career what could you see yourself doing?
    If I didn't style I would be 100% sure be dancing and touring right now all over the world

    What are your favorite brands & designers?
    I am a huge thriftier ! Buffalo exchange , beacons closet , metrapolis , mothers closet , brothers closet oh !! and for real vintage! My Grandmas closet lmaoo.

    What’s the most important lesson that life has taught you?
    I've learned through out the years that you cant depend people to there and help you when you haven't reached that point of success it's best to do things on your own.
    I live by this quote: Challenge yourself to defeat yourself. That way, competition will stare at you fighting, instead of paying attention to what they’re doing. And then, everybody will look at you and see your true potential. You’ll then be the best, without trying to be the best  by Mikey Factz

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