domingo, 19 de agosto de 2012

Allergic to fashion...

Our eyes are wide open when we see a beautiful fashion campaign, but do we ever think of the way fashion can manipulate our society? Do we ever think about all the hard work behind fashion campaigns? Do we really ever wonder why our heart always says yes when our brain says no? It's a complex process that makes our closets always scream for more! 

That process is called marketing; fashion marketing.  
Fashion is not just thinking about the way trends meet products, but how marketing helps establish communication and sales strategy of pre-conceived trends in society.

Marketing is like philosophy where we can understand the way fashion and design communicate with economy and social activity.  That's the way economy expresses human feelings or "women's feelings," right?  

The world, the consumer's mind, and each of their actions are studied detail by detail

 Our desires are studied by marketing, and all of that  is evident through fashion campaigns. 

One of the marketing functions is to analyze society and the evolution of their necessities.  It is here they can find the evolution of economy, philosophy, culture, and social trends.  So, if you understand all of these theories it's time to say, "Welcome to fashion marketing!"  
It sounds like a world that consumes women's minds but it's much more than that. 

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  1. it's hard to do good and efficient marketing, mostly in fashion industry.

  2. Adorei o post!
    Fantástico :)


  3. I just read the full article and it's simply amazing! Good job :) Everything you said there is very truthful

    1. Hi Giovanna :)
      I'm glad you enjoyed. Feedback is very important to me and I hope to hear your opinion more frequently!

      Bisou G.