quarta-feira, 8 de agosto de 2012

Annissh:  First of all, who are you, Justin?
Justin:   I am a 15 year old student, photographer and blogger.

A.: Why and how do you define your tumblr?
J.:  I define my Tumblr as a photographic diary that consists of my daily sightings, people that I have met and liked, people I’ve seen on the street and people who I have connected with and have reached out to.

A.: Do you feel your tumblr is direct to a specific public?
 J.:  I don’t intend on my Tumblr being directed to a specific audience, but things like that take their own direction. Considering that I have spoken to a good amount of my followers, I believe that I reach a very diverse audience with my posts. I have followers from several countries and cities worldwide.

  A.: What is to be “nigga”? Usually this word  is seen as something negative. Do you feel  this negativity can be turned into a way of life? 
J.:  I consider the “n” word negative. I think that the wide use of the word has emerged from the negative influence that hip-hop and rap music has on the current generation’s youth. That goes without saying that there are several artists who don’t use the word, but the music that makes it to the radio and reaches the young audience often uses the word and in turn, children and even adults feel comfortable using it in their every day vocabulary. I don’t know if it can be turned into a way of life because I personally don’t have a “definition” for the world, but I definitely agree to the fact that a significant amount of people feel far too comfortable using that word in replacement for several other, more intelligent words to describe people.

A.: NYC is the right place for… 
J.: NYC is the right place for dreamers, explorers, inquisitive individuals, artists, everyone. There’s a home for everyone in NYC. Some people who live here might take longer than others to find that home, but it’s there for sure. No matter where you go in this city, you will find something to connect with no doubt. It is so small geographically, but the people, places and opportunities make it what it is, beautiful.

A.: Is there any person you admire that you would like him to follow your tumblr?
J.: I admire several individuals that use Tumblr and most of those who I admire follow me already. However the few that do not include Noah Emrich (novh.us), David Urbanke (davidurbanke.tumblr.com), Bryant Eslava (bryanteslava.com) and Rog Walker (rogwalker.tumblr.com). I don’t really depend on who follows me on Tumblr however, because those who I do follow inspire me. I pay more attention to who I follow than who follows me, because in the end when I need inspiration or motivation to improve myself photographically, I’ll look at my dashboard or my favorites section, not my follower list.

A.: If I could…
J.: If I could do anything, I would establish a museum to showcase the works of young artist with distinctive works. I feel that there are so many young individuals creating amazing art work that gets little to no recognition either because they are young or don’t have such opportunities.

A.: I get bored easily…
J.: I wish I could finish this sentence but to be honest, I do not get bored easily at all.. Regardless of where I am, as long as I have my camera or a computer, I can never get bored. I realized that every time you approach a subject, your outlook on it changes. That being said, I could photograph the same subject forever and keep myself occupied. The same goes for inspiration. My computer and inspiration blog are filled with photographs, videos and quotes that inspire me. When I’m not putting that inspiration to the test, I am finding it.

A.: Live young and die rich or die rich and live young?
J.: Aren’t they both the same option? I feel like this is a trick question, so both.

A.: What is your opinion about fashion blogs? And from which you usually be a faithful reader?
J.: I believe that when a person has the right ambition and goals, fashion blogs are brilliant. I am a faithful reader of several fashion blogs. To list a few: blog.justinchungphotography.com, novh.us, nicoleloher.com, the-streetstyle, bryanteslava.com, cameronrad.tumblr.com, tommyton.tumblr.com, jamesnord.com, gaws.fr, liamsawthis.com, kevc.tumblr.com.

A.: What inspires you?
J.: A lot of things inspire me. Among them are talented artists (that includes photographers, painters, graphic designers, graffiti artists, etc.), philosophers and people who have positive outlooks on life (Charles Bukowski, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr.)

A.: Music of the moment…
J.: Frank Ocean, most definitely. Although he’s moved into the “mainstream” world as of late, Frank Ocean’s music has always connected to me in some way. The way he speaks and what he sings about makes you want to find every single song he ever created and listen to them. And that’s exactly what I did. My favorite album from him is The Lonny Breaux Collection.

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