domingo, 21 de outubro de 2012


How did you get started as a photographer?
   I started my life as a photographer literally with only a dollar and a dream.   At the time I knew how much I wanted to purchase a camera so I opened a line of credit and promised myself to pay it off with only funds that I made from photography.   I did just that in a short amount of time and then upgraded my camera within that same year of shooting.  It was a really great year.

Why photography and what do you think you can do to change this industry for better?
 Photography pretty much chose me.   It's one of those things that I was subconsciously running away from even when all signs pointed to it's calling - that is until one day when I was at my whit’s end I listened and me and canon have been in love ever since.

With whom you’d love to work and which photographer influence your work?
In a sense I’m some what selective with whom I work with - I don't want to be involved in projects I don't believe in I just feel I better serve my collaborator when I genuinely believe in whatever it is they're about.  -  The irony is I enjoy photographing strangers this is when I feel the phrase " a picture tells a thousand words" speaks in loud volume.   One of my favorite photographers Sue Kwon is great at capturing strangers I admire her work greatly. 

What is the most fascinating thing for you about taking pictures?
 To me the most fascinating thing about being a photographer is the joy I experience before the shoot, during the shoot, and after the shoot, I look forward to the entire process of creating these images - I enjoy the challenges I come across, from malfunction of wardrobe to malfunction of equipment (to say the least)- its exciting to view an image and instantly have a memory of the day it was taken and the story behind the photo. especially photos that I’m in love with.

If you had not gone with your dream career what could you see yourself doing?  
Photography isn't my only avenue of creating art if it's not photography it's directing, painting, writing, designing, and creating.  These are all things I do now.  I couldn't see myself doing anything in life that doesn't involve my creativity.

What’s the most important lesson that life has taught you and where do you wanna go
with your life?
The most important lesson life has taught me is if you chose to look at things in a positive way- every burden is a blessing, every hardship I've experienced has made me remarkably stronger- and wiser. I don't see negatives in life - only in pictures when developing film.  With my life I just want to evolve in my art and become an overall better version of who I already am today.

How or what would be your dream magazine in which you could expose your work?
I would love to expose my work in magazines I grew up reading Vibe, XXL, Complex, Cosmopolitan, Nylon Mag. - that would make for a great start.

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